The Plant-Based Con


​​The Great Plant-Based Con: Why eating a plants-only diet won't improve your health or save the planet

Jayne Buxton's compelling read - The Plant-Based Con - challenges the 'plant-biased' narrative literally sweeping across the globe and embedding itself into the very fabric of our society.

Incredibly, who decides what we eat, and why, has not been based on science. Jayne takes a deep dive into the Vested Interests and Religious Ideology shaping the plant-based con leaving no stone unturned.

Even questioning the 'Silencing' of Dr. Gary Fettke by the cereal industry for 'harming their sales' only to find they weren't just protecting their 'profits' but also their 'prophet'...

I highly recommend this book!

Available in print, digital, or as an audiobook.

How I have waited for this book! A much-needed, fact-packed, lucidly argued demolition of pervasive, endlessly recycled, anti-animal source food propaganda, and a very welcome, closely argued, well-reasoned defence of our traditional omnivore diet
Joanna Blythman

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