How one man's silencing has shone a light on medical evangelism

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Going against the Grain

17 August, 2017

What do the Australian Government daily food intake recommendations look like? Kate assesses and compares a sample daily meal plan for women aged 19-50yrs in Australia of average height, healthy weight and light activity, with a day in her life following Lower Carbohydrate and Healthy Natural Fat (LCHF) principles. You may be surprised by her findings.

Belinda Fettke

by Belinda Fettke


Medical evangelism: a hand out for bad diet advice?

08 August, 2017

Journalist Marika Sboros elegantly reviews Gary's presentation from the Crossfit Health Conference 2017. Her article includes the link to Gary's audio-visual presentation and the need for a Separation of Church and Plate.

Belinda Fettke

by Belinda Fettke

The Science

The Health Benefits of Carbohydrate Restriction can't be ignored

06 August, 2017

The topic of health and nutrition is fuelled by emotion, not logic. It starts to make sense why research on Carbohydrate Restriction has been largely ignored when you understand that 'Nutrition Science' has been dominated by religious ideology, promoting vegetarianism and plant-based diets, for the last 150 years.

Belinda Fettke

by Belinda Fettke

What's being said about #isupportgary

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