How one man's silencing has shone a light on medical evangelism

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The Science

I Support Prof Tim Noakes #LCHF

19 February, 2018

Promoting Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat principles, instead of the current 'Wholegrain Plant-based' processed cereal/grain and soy/legume doctrine (that also happens to be 'anti' animal protein and saturated fats) has meant that Tim Noakes has found himself in a turf war with the South African Dietitians Association just like Gary Fettke has in Australia.

Belinda Fettke

by Belinda Fettke

People Health

Nutrition for Life - Online Resources and Programs

17 February, 2018

Online nutrition resources and programs provide exceptional value for busy people like you who want to take back control of your health but find, for reasons beyond your control, accessing health professionals via traditional methods difficult. It may be distance, accessibility issues, family commitments or work pressures that tie you up from Monday to Friday leaving no opportunity to think about yourself.

Don't worry, the professional team at Nutrition for Life have you covered :-)

Belinda Fettke

by Belinda Fettke

The Myths

Is Fruit Good or Bad For You?

15 February, 2018

Gary presented his 'opinion' at the October 2017 Low Carb Down Under meeting in Queensland which has been uploaded to YouTube. He is not demonising fruit, nor is he glorifying it. #freshseasonallocal

Belinda Fettke

by Belinda Fettke

What's being said about #isupportgary

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