How one man's silencing has shone a light on medical evangelism

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Low Carb Universe_Mallorca 2018

09 May, 2018

Gary and I are excited to be presenting at the Low Carb Universe event Tuesday 13th to Saturday 17th November, 2018. Speakers include Dr Andreas Eenfeldt (Diet Doctor), Dr Ann Childers, Maria Emmerich and the team from Please consider joining us for a taste of Low Carb living in Mallorca, Spain.

Belinda Fettke

by Belinda Fettke


Testimonial_Michael's story

28 April, 2018

Doctors are often so busy band-aiding sick-care and treating people with chronic diseases, following Guidelines shaped by Vested Interest and Ideology, that the concept of 'food as medicine' is often viewed with suspicion. Michael's story "Dancing with a Bag of Cement" will make you smile. He has chosen health and been rewarded. Hope you can be, too.

Belinda Fettke

by Belinda Fettke

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