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I truly apologise for my absence over the last few of months and hope you are safe and well?

Incredibly, Facebook censored a post of mine on the 16th March (later reinstated it) which included a broad discussion on the health issues affecting us world-wide at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, which I hadn't expected. Around the same time our daughter came home (before lock-down measures were instituted) enabling me to help look after her toddler so she could continue to work remotely. Our son-in-law came home in May and our precious new grand-daughter was born on the 6th June.

In any spare time I managed to find during April and May I completed a talk for Tracey McBeath's 'Low Carb Lifestyle Long Weekend', Australia's very first ALL Women Low Carb Virtual Summit.

Why talk about my research now? Why challenge the Vested Interests and Religious Ideology shaping our dietary and health guidelines in the midst of a global pandemic? Now, when so many of us are grappling to adjust to lives that have been turned upside down and inside out – not just by the virus, but by the restrictions and protective measures being instituted to help ‘flatten the curve’?

The US 2020 Dietary Guidelines Report has been Released

Why? Because our health matters and I am concerned that both Vested Interests and Religious Ideology are influencing decisions that will affect our health right now!

In fact, when I prepared this talk the US 2020 Dietary Guidelines Committee was deciding if ANY saturated animal fats belong in our guidelines. The 4 person sub-committee has known Conflicts of Interest and both personal and ideological bias… including Joan Sabate, a devout Adventist who co-authored the 'Global Influence of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on Diet' in 2018.

While the charter for the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee expires on October 5 they released their findings yesterday and 'Industry' is already claiming a huge win for the 'plant-based' food sector...

  • Specifically, the report says, diets that have no animal products have shown fewer mortality risks. Diets including meat were found to be less risky the less red and processed meat that was included. The report finds no health benefits from eating red or processed meat. Whole grains, seafood and legumes are also seen as beneficial in all diets. Seafood is especially recommended for pregnant women and young children.
  • This report is for policymakers to use as they craft the final guidelines, which will be published before the end of the year. A public meeting will be held Aug. 11 to discuss this report and its recommendations.

Objections to the recommendations

Isupportgary Slide Us 2020 Guidelines Committee Conflicted Ilsi

The Low Carb Nutrition Network in the United States has voiced strong objections to the final report by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, which excludes all low-carbohydrate studies, all trials on weight-loss, and failed to address numerous process and methodological concerns which I share in my talk.

Mark Cucuzzella L Can

An Overview of my Presentation

*Ellen G White, Church founder came to Australia from 1889 - 1900 to set up not only the Church, a hospital, and schooling. She also wanted to reproduce the Kellogg’s cereal model founded by Dr John Harvey Kellogg at the Adventist owned Battle Creek Sanitarium in the US - but this time have the Church own it… and the profits. While here in Australia Ellen G White wrote; "The health food business is to supply the people with food which will take the place of flesh meat, and also milk and butter."

The health food business is to supply the people with food which will take the place of flesh meat, and also milk and butter.
Ellen G White

*Sanitarium, a processed food company in Australia, wholly owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and as such pays no tax, doesn't just make their version of 'Health Foods' (cereals, soy products and fake meats under their Life Health Foods arm) they also own Health and Wellness programs including CHIP - the Complete Health Improvement Program. Despite claims on their website that CHIP is not a vegan or vegetarian mandate, the facilitators guide below shows pretty clearly what the Adventist Church’s position is on 'stimulants' including meat, eggs and dairy;- “We promote that less is more with the ideal being none at all if you want to avoid the worst possible health outcomes!”

Slide Sanitarium Chip

*The remarkable growth and influence on our dietary and health guidelines, by a church that formed 177 years ago, is truly astounding. I am not challenging Seventh-day Adventist beliefs. I am challenging their influence on our health and dietary guidelines, their commercial interests that remain tax free, and the support/protection they receive from our Government, Health Associations and Regulatory Bodies, that fiercely protect their 'Plant-based' ideology.

Isupportgary Slide Us 2020 Guidelines Committee Conflicted Pyramid Scam

*Time for a separation of Church and Plate, and let's get industry away from the table, too!

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