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Slowly we will gather up the full collection of presentations, interviews and podcasts that both Gary and I have been involved in over the last 6 years into this library. 

Thank you for joining us as Gary Fettke delves into the science behind Low Carb Healthy Fat principles demonstrating the health benefits not just for himself, but for his patients and the wider community. 

We will also be questioning why the Low Carb message, and health professionals advocating Low Carb, are being silenced and sharing my research into the Vested Interests and Ideology shaping the dietary and health guidelines.

Special thanks to Low Carb Down Under and so many other people for posting our talks publicly for us to share. 

For Gary and I, this message and our work, has always been about empowering people to take back control of their health. Thank you for being part of our journey.

Dr. Gary Fettke - 'The Failure of Medical Education: Why is #LCHF not being shouted from rooftops?' #LCDU2019

"Nutrition Science... How did we get here?" Belinda Fettke - Low Carb Down Under Gold Coast 2019

My interview with Mike Reid delving into the religious ideology shaping dietary and health guidelines. I can't stay silent but I try to be respectful.

Dr. Gary Fettke: The Role of Nutrition in Everything

Gary and I chat to Ivor Cummins and discuss 'Why the War on Meat'?

Pete Evans interviews Gary & Belinda Fettke Sep 30, 2019 (48 min)

Pete Evans Heal

Dr. Gary Fettke - 'Nutrition and Inflammation'

Dr. Gary Fettke - 'Type 2 Diabetes'

Dr. Gary Fettke - 'Is Fruit Good or Bad For You?'

Dr. Gary Fettke - 'Nutrition and Cancer - Time to Rethink'

Belinda Fettke - 'The Evolution of Plant-Based Dietary Guidelines'

Belinda Fettke | EAT-Lancet Commission pushes for Global Vegan Dietary Policy: who benefits?

ABC 4 Corners_Tipping the scales: Sugar, politics and what’s making us fat.

ABC's 4 Corners program has been investigating sugar, politics and what's making us fat and the influence of the food industry on the Australian Dietary Guidelines and policy. My post is linked here.

The full program has been published on YouTube.

Special thanks to Ivor Cummins for editing a short clip from one of Gary's appearances during the 45 minute program, which I have embedded below.

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