Nutrition Science... How did we get here? Belinda Fettke LCDU 2019

Thank you to Low Carb Down Under for providing a platform for me to share Gary's journey, and my research into the Vested Interests and Ideology shaping our dietary and health guidelines, on the Gold Coast at LCDU, 2019.

I would never have imagined the AHPRA Medical Board of Tasmania's expert witness - used to determine if an orthopaedic surgeon in Northern Tasmania had the competency to recommend reducing sugar and processed carbohydrates from his patients diet... people with weight-related joint issues and the complications of diabetes requiring amputation 1f641.pngwould lead me to:-

*Sanitarium - a processed food company wholly owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and as such pays no tax. (Where he worked at the time of Gary's 2 1/2 year star chamber investigation)

*Coca-Cola's 'Exercise is Medicine' program being pushed here in Tasmania (UTAS) as the treatment for obesity and diabetes. The calories in, calories out Energy Balance Model that demonises saturated animal fats while conveniently minimising the harms of sugar...

*Lifestyle Medicine - a movement founded on the Health Reform principles of the Seventh-day Adventist Church which state that the Garden of Eden diet is the God Appointed diet for man and that before man's 'Translation' to Heaven meat eating will be done away with because it is considered a toxic substance that defiles the body.

I try to stay respectful but I can't stay silent 1f641.png

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