Gary Fettke - Type 2 Diabetes presentation

Gary spoke about the role of Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat principles in the prevention, management and even the reversal of Type 2 Diabetes at the recent Low Carb Down Under meeting in Sydney. 

His talk was aptly named Type 2 Diabetes 'simplified' and he spoke about #T2D being a lifestyle related disease. Gary reiterated that despite what Diabetes Australia says, Type 2 Diabetes does not have to be a chronic progressive disease nor does one have to take more and more medication and the complications of Type 2 Diabetes are completely avoidable. It’s SIMPLE if you know how. 

Toast And The Malliard Reaction

Gary began his presentation by reminding everyone "I am the only doctor in Australia that is not allowed to advise my patients to avoid sugar, even if that is best practice, so please take this talk 'with a pinch of salt'.

"Let me try and simplify this huge topic with the piece of toast in your hands today ...

We have all seen the browning of toast, cakes and biscuits. That’s called the Maillard Reaction - Glucose binds to protein and under the effect of heat, the toast goes brown.

Well, the same thing happens in your tissue. High glucose levels combine with the protein and under body heat the Maillard reaction takes place.

That reaction makes tissue stiffer and inflamed and every time your blood glucose spikes up you are effectively toasting your brain, your eyes, your kidneys, your vessels. This toasting is occurring in every organ of your body!

Welcome to the complications of poorly controlled diabetes." 

Thank you for listening :-)

Gary highly recommends Dr. Paul Mason's talk, too - 'From fibre to the microbiome: low carb gut health'


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