Australia's ABC 7.30 program shares misinformation about Type 2 Diabetes.

Australia's ABC 7.30 program pushed the barrow of misinformation about Type 2 Diabetes tonight when the CEO of Diabetes Australia, Professor Greg Johnson, made the blatant statement;- "Once you've got type 2 diabetes, it's with you for life".

I know that Type 2 diabetes does not need to be a chronic, progressive disease and furthermore, the complications of diabetes (Type 1 & Type 2) are completely preventable, preventable, preventable!

Once you've got type 2 diabetes, it's with you for life.
Greg Johnson CEO Diabetes Australia

I could be gracious and presume that Greg Johnson, a pharmacist, was wrongly quoted. But, Diabetes Australia's significant funding by #bigpharma including Roche, Astra Zeneca, Abbot, Bayer, Lilly, Pharmaco, Sanofi and Medtronic suggests otherwise. These corporate partners have a lot to lose if their product is no longer required.

Hmmm - talk about a conflict of interest that Diabetes Australia fails to declare every time they make an announcement.

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Diabetes Australia appears to have a few Conflicts of Interest?

I know for a fact, that the Australian Dietitians Guide to diabetes was sponsored by the Australian Sugar Industry, too. An alliance with Diabetes Australia circa 1993. Where does it end?

"Greg Johnson, the CEO of Diabetes Australia, describes it (Type 2 diabetes) as an epidemic." At least he gets that right.

Tight blood glucose control is achievable and sustainable with Low Carb living. The CSIRO are recommending it. The team at Nutrition for Life are helping patients reverse Type 2 diabetes and UK doctor, David Unwin is winning awards for the success he is achieving recommending low carb in the management of Type 2 diabetes to his patients. Both Virta Health and are helping 10's of thousands of people improve their health and reverse Type 2 Diabetes by encouraging them to eat real food.

Gary has been recommending Low Carb for people with diabetes for years now and seeing the results in control and outcome. Despite this, he was reported by a dietitian to AHPRA for inappropriately reversing a patient's Type 2 diabetes. 'That' patient came off 5 medications, not just his medication for Type 2 diabetes, and he is still off them 18 months later!

Vested Interests and ideology continue to shape dietary and health guidelines while Associations and Regulatory Bodies continue to protect them ... It is not fair!

How out of touch is Diabetes Australia to continue the myth of Type 2 being a chronic progressive disease?

How long before they are made accountable for deflecting people away from a reversal of the diagnosis?

Type 2's may still remain insulin resistant living a #LCHF lifestyle but the diagnosis is reversible based on criteria of blood glucose control & HbA1c testing.

It's a shameful day for Diabetes Australia when misinformation persists to the detriment of the community. Will ABC 7.30 show the other side of managing diabetes better without drugs being central. Making real food that is relatively unprocessed the mainstay of prevention and treatment?

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