Is Fruit Good or Bad For You?

Is fruit good or bad for you?

Marketing, manipulation, money - all at play together.

Gary presented his 'opinion' at the October 2017 Low Carb Down Under meeting in Queensland. He is not demonising fruit, nor is he glorifying it.

It's hard to keep him quiet when he can't unsee the results of #LCHF for himself and his patients.

Gary's belief is that the health of society is like a train wreck about to happen - nothing is going to stop it from occurring. We have gotten off that train. If others are interested in getting off before the inevitable crash, then we are happy to assist.

Standing in front of that train for any longer is not a wise decision - helping those around us is a better place to be.

Come and 'chew the fat' with us in 2018 1f642.png

Low Carb Down Under

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