How a Sugar Industry alliance with Diabetes Australia has ruined our health

It is amazing what you can uncover if you go digging ... 

I can't help but continue to question "Who is 'Silencing' Gary?" after we recently uncovered the Australian Dietitians Guide to diabetes, sponsored by the Australian Sugar Industry! This book exposes the Sugar Industry's alliance with Diabetes Australia circa 1993 and seriously makes me question the role of AHPRA. Are they really protecting the public or simply the Vested Interests that have shaped our guidelines for decades?

The Australian Dietitians Guide to diabetes was sponsored by the Australian Sugar Industry - an alliance with Diabetes Australia circa 1993.
Gary Fettke

Please note, Gary is not actually talking about nutrition, and he is definitely not giving specific individual nutrition advice, as per his ruling by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) medical board last year.

Gary is simply pointing out the tangled web of so-called 'Nutrition Science'. 

Sugar Industry Funding Diabetes Guidelines

Interestingly, Gary was reported to AHPRA by a DAA registered dietitian in 2014 for recommending that his patients reduce sugar in their diet. He was concerned by the tsunami of chronic disease, especially the complications of Type 2 Diabetes that he was seeing in younger and younger people. Complications requiring long hospital stays, and removal of bits of toes, feet, and even lower legs, because of uncontrolled blood glucose levels and high insulin doses. 

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Diabetes Management ... A Dietitians Guide sponsored by the Sugar Industry!! Yes, you read that correctly.

As an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Gary is qualified to support people in the management of weight-related joint issues, inflammation and complications of Type 2 Diabetes. He doesn't want to keep band-aiding sick-care when he knows that Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat (LCHF) principles, in the management of diabetes, will improve health and reduce the risks of long term complications.

If the AHPRA Medical Board is truly supposed to protect the public, why do their actions appear to be fiercely protecting guidelines? 

This book, Diabetes Management; A Dietitians Guide really cements my beliefs about the influential role Vested Interests play in manipulating our health and dietary guidelines!

There is no doubt the sugar industry's alliance with Diabetes Australia, and the Dietitians Association of Australia, has been a long one and the results are proving to be an abject failure.

You can't help but question 'who' is silencing Gary? 


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