Can AHPRA really silence free speech?

Can AHPRA really silence free speech?

This is one of the questions Dr. Gary Fettke posed during his 20 minute presentation earlier in Melbourne this year “Is AHPRA throwing rocks inside their glass house?” after they asked for his talk to be submitted to them prior to him presenting to the Hospital Food Industry in 2016.

After a 2 1/2 year investigation by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency, a ruling was handed down ‘silencing’ Gary from providing best practice to his patients, something he finds untenable.

Gary presented a powerful summary of his experiences with the AHPRA process at the Health Professionals Australia Reform Association (HPARA).

There were 24 presentations on the day. Some of these were healthcare practitioners who stood bravely before the audience and shared their alleged experiences at the hands of AHPRA because of vexatious notifications and a flawed process.

AHPRA appears to have forgotten that their purpose to ‘Protect the Public’ includes healthcare professionals too.

Silencing Free Speech

The strong take-away message from the day was the need for a fair and transparent process. There is a need to provide ‘care’ for healthcare professionals under investigation with mediation in a constructive and supportive environment.

At present, the AHPRA process is intimidatory from the outset and people are guilty till they prove their innocence. How can anyone do that when they are refused access to the information being supplied against them and the trial is conducted behind closed doors?


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