Is bullying part of the culture of AHPRA?


Is the culture of the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to endorse bullying?

Is the CEO giving the OK to ‘frame’ someone with a media release 52 minutes after sending them an email because ….. AHPRA were getting some social media ‘heat’?

AHPRA explaining their interpretation of 52 minutes.

Senators Whish Wilson, Xenaphon, Siewert and Dunian pose some curly questions on the November 1 and November 16 bullying behaviour upon Gary.

Our side of the 52 minutes.

Make your own decisions.

This is our way of standing up to bullying.

0.00 to 27.30

30.55 to 32.45

Qualifications of investigators and experts (and credentials) at 33.10 to

~ only “1 in 4” investigators have any health experience (42 out of 180)

37.30 to 38.50

Video of Senate Inquiry


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