Could AHPRA be given additional information by THS?

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Did the Health Minister decide that the public needed to hear that "AHPRA 'could' be given additional information by the Tasmanian Health Service (THS) in Gary Fettke case" before we did?

Disappointingly, we heard this 'news' through the press...

To date (1st March 2018), Gary has received NO correspondence from the Minister for Health, nor any of the senior administration dealing with Gary's mediation within the THS, since this being alluded to when the Minister for Health called into Brian Carlton's Tasmania Talks radio program last week. The unexpected call by the Minister for Health was made during the 'caretaker period' pre State election and so was his announcement via a press conference yesterday.

This is what Gary has been up against over and over.

Communication behind his back continues between senior members of the THS, with no offer by those capable of making decisions, to meet and discuss issues personally with Gary.

Also, it is interesting to note that the Minister for Health alluded to the fact Gary should be able to talk about lifestyle changes and nutrition to improve health outcomes for his patients. Does this mean the Minister for Health is asking AHPRA to reconsider their decision? From within his role he has the ability to influence AHPRA, even more than the National Health Ombudsman who can only comment on the AHPRA process and if it may have been flawed...

#isupportgary #itsnotfair

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