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Dancing with a bag of cement...

Guidelines have become strict Rule-Books shaped by Vested Interests/Ideology fiercely protected by Associations that partner with the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. The guidelines typically recommend 'plant-based' cereals, grains and low fat products. Guidelines leave Doctors band-aiding sick-care with medications and surgery, overwhelmed by the tsunami of chronic disease and skeptical of the concept of food as medicine.

Michael's story; 'Dancing with a Bag of Cement' shows that simply reducing sugar and processed carbohydrates and going back to eating real food that is mostly fresh, seasonal and locally sourced really can improve health outcomes. So much so that he danced around Bunnings with a bag of cement :-)

Doctors have no trouble telling people to quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption and my favourite ... to 'eat less and exercise more', but can they?

Interestingly the word 'Doctor' actually means 'to teach'.

Doctors have a responsibility and a duty of care not only to their patients, but also to their community, to educate people around preventative health measures including broad principle advice on nutrition and exercise. Doctors have no trouble telling people to quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption and my favourite ... to 'eat less and exercise more', but can they?

As a profession, Dr Gary Fettke believes that Orthopaedic Surgeons are performing too many knee replacements and far too many are failing.

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Why? Because patients are getting more and more obese and often have multiple comorbidities. There is no doubt the risk of complications in surgery and following a knee replacement is increasing.

Complications are well recognised to be higher in people with a BMI over 30 and especially over 35. These complications can range from prolonged hospitalisation, wound healing, deep infection and higher revision rates. This costs the patient, their families, their workplace, the community and the healthcare system.

If AHPRA truly believe 'in protecting the public' then they should be supporting preventative education for patients by doctors, including Orthopaedic Surgeons. Lifestyle changes should include nutrition advice (and now, in line with the CSIRO recommendations) to encourage people to reduce sugar and processed carbohydrates to help them lose weight.

Empowering people to take back control of their health brings joy back into medicine – for doctors in particular.

Testimonials supporting medical practice are generally taboo in the healthcare setting. But what if a testimonial isn't actually about surgical ability, but rather broad principle advice to encourage those 'willing to invest in their own health' to make substantial changes to their diet and lifestyle and avoid surgery?

Michael's Story

Michaels Story

Here is an amazing story of a ‘regular guy’ who just had to share his story about "dancing with a bag of concrete, despite his Orthopaedic Surgeon telling him he didn't have dancing knees" :-)

"Hi Gary,

I’m writing to thank you for your advice and also give feedback, as it appears at the moment I won’t be needing further treatment for a while.

Your advice to me was to lose weight and take the pressure off my knees and possibly forestall the need for a knee replacement by years.

My last visit to you was in August ’16, regarding my knee problems, (do you remember my “non-dancing” knees as you described to my wife).

At the time of that visit I had been following the LCHF regimen and had already lost 8 – 9 kg? This was just before our trip to the UK for 4 weeks. The LCHF was a bit difficult to follow while away, with continental breakfasts the norm at most accommodation, the ‘taters and Guinness in Ireland, etc.

However, we did walk lots (when the knees behaved), and I’m pleased to say I did not gain or lose during that time. On our return from holiday, we resumed the LCHF as we had before, and again the weight began to drop away. I hovered around the 104 – 105 kg for a few weeks, but by mid-January I had cracked the 100kg.

My starting weight with you was around 119.5kg in July ’16, however I take my starting weight as 123kg as I’d been that weight for years and only half-heartedly tried to lose weight, only managing 3.5kg prior to your advice. 

But now I can say I have lost 23kg.

I walked into Mitre 10 a few weeks ago, picked up a bag of cement, and did a little walk around. The bloke asked if I only wanted the one bag, and had a laugh when I said that I didn’t even want this one, I’m just having a recall moment of what I have been carrying for 15 – 20 years!!

The down side of it all is that I’ve had to buy a whole new wardrobe, I’ve gone from 107 trousers to a 92, 2xl shirts to xl or large, had to buy a new suit because the old one looked ridiculous, but that’s a small price to pay for the way I’m feeling now!

Although I’m still aware of the knees, I can now move around without pain, go up and down stairs with ease, walk in the bush and climb hills without half the stops to catch my breath, etc.

Blood pressure medication has been reduced, also.

Quite frankly, this time last year I was in trouble, I had a job to stand up from sitting in a chair, or get out of the car, didn’t want to risk walking in the bush with my dogs for fear of tripping over the smallest branch, and continuing work was becoming a big question mark.

So thank you again for giving me the advice / ultimatum, sorry you’ve done yourself out of business by doing so, because things are looking good for a while with me.

Oh and when I last saw you, you also told me that you were not allowed to give dietary advice etc., I didn’t realise until recently when browsing the net re LCHF stuff just how much bother you’ve been going through on that issue!

Sorry to hear about that, and how ridiculous it is! If you have the knowledge, why should you not be able to pass it on to others.

It was by coincidence that I chose the very barrow you have been pushing (ie LCHF) as a way of losing weight, and it works!

I saw on ‘Sunrise’ a while ago that CSIRO have to decided that low carb is the new way to lose weight, and I wondered at the time if yourself and the authors of ‘WHAT THE FAT’ will get any credit for the theory.

I’ve attached some “before and after” pics if you are interested.

Thanks, Michael.”

Michael really wanted to share this story with us. As to whether he has gone back to dancing with his wife, well, that’s another story ;-)