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What is The Low Carb Universe?

The Low Carb Universe concept is quite unique. It has become an annual event in Mallorca, Spain and boasts inspiring speakers, spectacular surroundings, delicious food, and a warm and friendly atmosphere encouraging interaction between speakers and guests. I have been told that you have to experience LCU18! for yourself to really appreciate how special it is...

The vision of the founders, Hanna Boëthius and Bitte Kemp Bjorkman, is to make the Low Carb message accessible and sustainable for others, because a low-carb lifestyle has been essential to their own health.

Lcu Event

By raising awareness and sharing knowledge, connecting people in a healthy environment, serving 100 % low-carb food and emphasizing the importance of movement through physical workshops, Hanna and Bitte believe attendees of The Low Carb Universe find a very important piece of the health puzzle - "joy."

We encourage discussion and interaction outside the schedule to make our events extra rewarding for both lecturers and guests, which is why we only sell full event tickets that include food and accommodation.
Hanna Boëthius​​ and Bitte Kemp Bjorkman​

Gary and I are excited to be part of LCU18! in Mallorca, Spain.

We love that The Low Carb Universe event aims to present well-known speakers alongside newer stars all sharing different aspects of a low-carb lifestyle, from nutrition-to-movement and everything in-between.

Andreas Eenfeldt, Ann Childers, Maria Emmerich and the team from Diabetes.co.uk - Charlotte Summers and Arjun Panesar, are just some of the amazing speakers we will be spending 5 days with.

The events are interactive with a mix of lectures and workshops to make it possible to dig deeper into interesting subjects and learn from each other.

We hope you can join us at The Low Carb Universe event. For more information please take a look here.

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