Tasmania Luxury Low-Carb Immersion

Experience a Low Carb Immersion in Tasmania April 12-16, 2019

When looking for healthy holiday vacations there are countless luxurious retreats out there to choose from, but how often have you seen one dedicated exclusively to low-carbohydrate living?

Internationally-renowned Low Carb experts Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Gary Fettke and Psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede are teaming up with LowCarbUSA to host the world's first all-inclusive luxury low-carb immersion experience on the spectacular island of Tasmania, tucked away at the bottom of Australia.

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I truly hope you can join us in this idyllic setting - ranked one of the world's best island destinations by Travel and Leisure magazine again in 2018.

We've put our heads and hearts together to create an all-inclusive event in Hobart, Tasmania to inspire, educate and support you on your journey to optimal health—all while having the holiday vacation of a lifetime. We’ll take care of all the details so you can focus entirely on getting everything you need and want out of this rare opportunity to deepen your knowledge, fortify your skills and transform your physical and emotional well-being.
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Take advantage of our early bird special. If you book before February 1st you can save 10% off the total price!

Indulge your inner Tasmanian devil!

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Searching for answers, or solutions to your specific problems, on-line, in books or even at conferences can be time-consuming and overwhelming. There is simply no substitute for one-on-one dialogue with caring physicians who have years of personal and professional experience with the low-carbohydrate approach.

Imagine having direct access to leading medical experts who can address all your personal questions about low-carbohydrate, ketogenic, and zero-carb diets - over an all-inclusive five-day event designed to inspire, educate and support you on your journey to optimal health, free of corporate sponsorship of any kind.

Our Tasmania Luxury Low-Carb Immersion Experience will be all you could imagine, and more!

Immerse yourself in our home state

Low Carb Usa Fettke Ede In Tasmania

Gary and I live and work in northern Tasmania. We are excited to welcome Georgia and her partner Suzi, Doug and Pam (LowCarbUSA) but most importantly, we are super excited to welcome you, our guests, to Tasmania in magical Autumn. We want you to share with you the most amazing Fresh, seasonal and locally produced foods. Produce that is ethically raised and pasture-fed or wild-caught from the surrounding rivers and oceans. BTW, the free range eggs, creams and cheeses are some of the best in the world and to top it off, our water would have to be some of the purest and in the world.

We have personally hand-selected each experience to share with you during our five days together, including:

  • the entire Islington Hotel - a five-star, 11-room, luxury boutique inn - all to ourselves
  • engaging conversations over fresh, locally-sourced meals in Hobart's finest establishments
  • private sail on a magnificent 62-foot luxury racing yacht on the Derwent River
  • hands-on cooking class at the Agrarian Cooking School, located on a beautiful 5-acre organic farm 
  • informal, interactive health presentations
  • hiking together through a temperate rain forest dominated by towering eucalyptus 
  • a program tailored to you!

To ensure high quality time and attention to your personal questions and challenges, we are limiting participation to a maximum of 16 guests. Registration will close once all eight guest rooms are reserved, so if you're curious, don't wait to take a closer look!

Speaking Events 2019

We have some other exciting speaking events planned for 2019, if you are interested.

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We have some other exciting speaking opportunities coming up this year.

Firstly, Gary is joining the Launceston leg of Christine Cronau's Bring Back the Fat, 2019 Aussie tour with Dr Aseem Malhotra and Dr Maryanne Demasi on the 23rd March. Details of this event and other dates and venues are available on the event page, linked above.

Speakers Lowcarb Usa San Diego 2019

Not only is Gary joining Dr Georgia Ede and Dr Eric Westman in Jakarta for the very first Asian LowCarbUSA event, just prior to our luxury immersion in Tasmanian in April, but we have both been invited to speak with this amazing pair again, plus the legendary Gary Taubes, Dr Robert Cywes, Dr Bret Scher and our dear friend Dave Feldman, at LowCarbUSA San Diego, in July.

We hope to get to Sydney for a Low Carb Downunder meeting at some time, too!

Remember, all Gary's Low Carb health talks are available for free on YouTube, plus some other talks he recommends.

If you are interested in the science and have some time you can pop over to Gary's website www.nofructose.com or take a look through #isupportgary to read lots of interesting topics including 'why I was so determined to clear Gary's name of any wrong-doing by the Medical Board of Tasmania'. After 4 1/2 years they completely exonerated him and issued a written apology! But I don't just support Gary, I also support people who choose to take back control of their health and have resource materials including a What to Expect when you go Low Carb PDF, articles on health and science, including one on why you don't need to worry about cholesterol and if you feel like it you can delve into some of my research on the Vested Interests and Ideology shaping the 'Plant-based' dietary and health guidelines.

Here's to an awesome 2019!


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